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Oil Changes in North Branch, MN

Your vehicle is one of the most important investments you’ll make. Most drivers are continuously searching for ways to extend the life of their vehicle, to make sure they have reliable transportation to get where they plan to go. But did you know that the most effective way to preserve your automobile’s life without spending a lot of money is to get your oil and filter changed regularly?

Plenty of drivers are to blame for putting back oil changes since they don’t seem like a big thing. However, clean oil and filters are vital in maintaining a healthy engine. The oil lubricates all the moving parts in your engine, allowing it to run smoothly. In time, oil breaks down and becomes watery or gummy, and does not work as well. The old oil can cause inconvenient engine problems if left unchanged.

The Benefits of Having Regular Oil Changes:

Improved Performance: A well-lubricated engine allows you to have a smoother driving experience. Regular oil changes reduce friction in your car’s engine, so clean oil guarantees the smoothest ride possible.

Reduced Emissions: All vehicle makes and models produce pollution. Getting your oil changed regularly can help reduce the harm you do to the environment since clean oil does not burn.

Prevention of Sludge Buildup: The oil accumulates debris and dirt particles, as it runs through your engine. Though your filters are designed to prevent sludge from entering your car’s engine, some particles may slip through. Clean oil filters and engine oil keep your engine operating efficiently and smoothly.

Preserving Engine Life: With regular oil and filter changes, you can add years to your vehicle’s life. Maintaining a cleanly filtered and well-lubricated engine will guarantee you get the most out of your automobile – from performance and gas mileage to longevity of life.

Improving Gas Mileage: The moving parts in your engine create friction and slow your car down. Having your dirty oil replaced with cleaner oil reduces friction, which means that there’s less resistance while driving, allowing you to get a couple of extra miles per gallon.

At A & C Automotive & Machine in North Branch, MN, we know oil and filter changes like a book. We’ll refill your oil levels and replace your oil filter. Also, we can offer a complimentary courtesy inspection to check the health and safety of your vehicle, where our experienced technicians visually inspect the minor and major systems in your vehicle. Give us a call or stop by our shop today for your next oil change!

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