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What are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

What is a head gasket in a car's engine?

An internal combustion engine consists of a cylinder head and a cylinder block. A head gasket fits between the two parts. It is a seal that keeps engine fluids from seeping into the cylinders. That is why a properly functioning combustion chamber cannot do without the head gasket.


What is the purpose of a head gasket?

The head gasket acts as a barrier to the cylinder's firing pressure, preventing engine oil and coolant leakage into the combustion chambers. When the head gasket is between the hot combustion chamber and the often-cold radiator, it experiences a wide range of temperature changes. The head gasket may eventually show wear due to exposure to extreme temperatures.


So, here are the symptoms that point to a car's head gasket problem.



A blown head will cause external oil or coolant to flow out of the engine block and cylinder heads. Because car fluids need to be in an enclosed system, any leakage beyond air conditioning dampness can be a warning sign of an underlying problem.


Faulty Cylinders

Another symptom of a blown head gasket is a misfire with the cylinders. Cylinders are chambers where the burning of fuel and transformation to power occurs. You can identify a faulty cylinder if there is a breach between two cylinders on a similar head.


Oil With Coolant

Coolant-contaminated oil usually foams up without being very subtle either. Think of the cappuccino foam off. That's how it looks. So if you see signs of foaming, take it to a professional technician for gasket replacement.


Engine Overheating

Lastly, if you notice your car's engine temperature rising, there might be some oil leakage through the head gasket. When oil gets into the engine's cooling system, it slows down the system and its ability to cool the engine, which leads to rapid overheating.


Being familiar with all the above symptoms is vital. But it is equally essential to consult experts for a lasting solution. So, you can bring your vehicle to A & C Automotive & Machine in North Branch, MN today if you’re dealing with a blown head gasket.

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