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Top Five Car Care Tips for Winter Weather

As winter approaches, we typically assess in and around our homes to make sure we're ready for the cold season. However, it's crucial not to forget about your vehicle during this process. Winter's blustery conditions require a different kind of preparation than other times of the year, so take precautions early on, and you'll be sure to enjoy safe, stress-free driving on the road during this period.

1: Safeguard Against the Weather

Winter often brings with it rain, sleet, and snow, and here's where you need to be one step ahead of the weather. Firstly, ensure that your windshield wipers are first-rate and in working order. Replace wiper blades should a sign of cracking in the rubber be visible. Secondly, be sure your heater and defroster are functioning correctly.

Concerning your cooling system, make sure to flush and refill according to the maker's recommendations. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend an even mixture of water and antifreeze, although regularly check the concentration and overall condition of the coolant.

2: Brake Check

To avoid an accident, we hit the brakes; therefore, having a regular inspection of your braking system is recommended year-round. However, it becomes a more significant need when roads are slick with snow and ice. Avoid the risk: double-check your brakes, especially before any long trips. Similarly, review your tire tread and inflation before the season arrives. Then, rotate or replace as necessary.

3: Inspect Your Engine Oil

Consult your owner's manual to verify whether the maker recommends a different type of engine oil when temperatures drop. In addition, those who live in the coldest climates can sometimes benefit from a specific oil thickness when winter weather is at its worst.

4: Battery Inspection

One of the components most vulnerable to the cold is your vehicle's battery. If you prefer hands-on maintenance, you can take measures to help keep it running, such as removing built-up corrosion from your battery's posts and connections. A good strategy is to take your car in to test the battery using professional equipment to ensure it doesn't need replacing or is drained.

5: Fill Her Up

Finally, for residents of areas where temperatures drop below freezing, using a fuel de-icer regularly can help avert the freezing of any liquid in your fuel lines. Additionally, keep your tank more than half-full for this reason. Plus, you'll be less likely to run short on gas at an inopportune moment.

Remember, road safety is everyone's responsibility, so each driver needs to do their part. However, by taking a little time at the start of each winter, you can enjoy safe, smooth travels all season long. We invite you to A & C Automotive & Machine for a winter car checkup today!

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