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Do I Need to Get My Brake Fluid Flushed?

Do I Need to Get My Brake Fluid Flushed?

If you're familiar with how your vehicle drives and stops, you will definitely notice when something is off. Your vehicle has many fluids, and brake fluid, in particular, is needed to stop your vehicle on time. Fresh and clean brake fluid is essential for functioning brakes, and it may make you wonder, "is it important to change brake fluid?"   To be frank, there is no set time to flush the brake fluid in your vehicle. The timing varies by type of car, the conditions it operates in, and the manufacturer's recommendations. It would be wise to have your mechanic check it at every regular oil change. Typically, people flush it every 3-5 years. An expert mechanic at our auto repair shop can give you an approximation of when you may need a brake fluid exchange to better plan for the service.   If you don't change your brake fluid, your vehicle's braking abilities may significantly decline. Besides time, you can regularly inspect your brake fluid yours ... read more

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