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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Can Headlight Replacements Be DIY?

Can Headlight Replacements Be DIY?

If your car is only rocking one functional headlight, you should probably get them replaced soon. Not only can you get pulled over for a fix-it ticket, but it is a severe safety concern. Your headlights are crucial in helping you see at night and in inclement weather. If your headlights are dim, blinking, or not working altogether, you should consider getting a headlight replacement. The next question you may be wondering is, "can I replace them myself". The answer is it depends. In today's day and age, some headlights are easy to get to, while others seem impossible to get to. If you aren't familiar with cars, it's probably best to leave it to the professionals. You can trust the A & C Automotive & Machine team to have the right skills and tools to successfully replace your headlamps. What Type of Lights Are There? The three standard options for headlights are halogen, LED, and Xenon/HID. Halogen lights are the most cost-efficient option, and they ... read more

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