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A/C Service and Repair in North Branch, MN

You depend on your car’s A/C system to keep you cool while on the road. Whether it’s a hot summer day or you’ve been parked directly in the sun for too long, the air conditioning is what helps you drive with comfort.

At A & C Automotive & Machine, we want to ensure your automobile always stays cool and comfortable for you and your passengers. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to fix your faulty A/C system or service it regularly to keep it running at its best. They take the necessary time to provide the proper services needed to restore the A/C system to its original condition. Come and see why we are the go-to A/C service center in North Branch, Minnesota!

Does Your A/C Need Service?

Do you feel like the air is cool, but not cold enough? Have you noticed a lack of air coming from the vents? Or no air at all? You are probably having an issue with your air conditioning system. Here are a few reasons why your car’s A/C system may be malfunctioning:

Bad Compressor

The compressor can be regarded as the most essential component in the A/C system of your vehicle. This component helps circulate the refrigerant and “compresses” the air that is entering your automobile, thus creating the cold sensation you feel. The best way to avoid compressor failure is to use it regularly. Many compressors fail when they are not used for long periods. Do your best to run A/C for 15 minutes, once every 3 weeks, to maintain its performance.

Leaking Refrigerant

A common issue that most auto owners experience, leaking refrigerant might be the reason for your lack of cold air. Refrigerant is used to help cool the air that comes inside your vehicle, and a lack of it can make the cold air feel a bit warmer. Leaking Freon typically can only be detected through dye testing, so be sure to bring your vehicle into our shop for a thorough inspection if you suspect a leak.

For all your A/C service, repair, and maintenance needs, A & C Automotive & Machine is here to help. Our auto repair shop in North Branch, MN, offers a comprehensive range of services that are sure to bring the best out of your car’s climate-controlling system. Make your next service appointment with us by giving us a call or by scheduling a visit online today.

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